Welcome to the Three Times + 1 Metro!

This online exhibition accompanies the Kinema Club Three Times + 1 conference in January 2014. As you participate in the conference, we welcome you to ride a train and interact with our audio-visual exhibition. This page is to help you to understand our subway system.

On the metro, you will explore four years in Japanese media history. We offer four years of stations and four thematic lines: Static Image, Sound Culture, Moving Image, and Design. In organizing the stations, we wanted to allow the traveller to explore a variety of images, clips, games and so on in a way that would create connections beyond the immediately obvious.

First, you will see a ticket machine. Click the ticket image of the line on which you want to travel. From there, you will be taken to a display through which you can navigate a series of year-based stations centered around the line's themes. From there, you can explore as you wish.

This metro journey takes the form of Prezi presentations. Click “Start Prezi” after you choose a line. We would like you to enjoy the Prezi in full screen mode to have a more immersive experience. By scrolling, clicking and dragging, you can move to different stations on the same Prezi page. 

When you enter a station, you will be able to view images or hear sounds in categories according to the themed line, and read a little about them. In each station, there is an option to transfer to a different theme line by clicking the sign of “Entrance to Other Lines.” Hyperlinks are indicated by green arrows. If you are in full screen mode, after you click on a hyperlink, press "esc" so you can see what tab (Chrome and Firefox) or window (Safari) the hyperlink has opened! 

In addition, in each of the four stations you can enter an Arcade, and play two minigames based on films from that year. Traverse the years with our subway network, and see if you can defeat our eight minigames to become the master of historiography!

We would like to hear your comments on the journey of our metro. Whenever you transfer lines, you will be taken to a space that lets you leave a comment with your thoughts on each. We are looking forward to hearing about your experiences!

Enjoy the journey!


 This online exhibition was curated and designed by Peter Bernard, Andrew Campana, Caitlin Casiello, Yusung Kim, Kimberlee Sanders, and Joelle Tapas.